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From the newborn infant, to the soccer kid, to the over-stressed parent, and even to the active senior, EVERYONE can benefit from chiropractic! Gentle and effective, chiropractic treats the source of the problem. Simply put, it offers a solution as opposed to a "cover-up."

Chiropractic in Waukesha is a natural healthcare approach that allows the body to heal itself as it was designed to. It is drugless, non-surgical, safe, effective, and appropriate for many health concerns.

We accept most insurance plans, personal injury claims, auto accident claims, and worker's compensation cases as well as assisting you with your health savings account, flexible spending plan, etc. Self-pay options are available. New patients are usually seen on the same day with the convenience of x-ray facilities onsite.

Levels of Chiropractic Care in Waukesha

Grandview Chiropractic Center offers several care levels to fit each patient's needs. Our main concern is to fix the problem rather than just "patching" it up and then waiting for the next blow-up! By providing specific exercises, nutritional support, and home-care recommendations, we believe our approach will give you the best opportunity for overall health.

Relief Care

This type of care is simply to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. However, Relief Care is only a TEMPORARY solution. By only addressing your pain, you are still left with the initial problem that will eventually return, and many times, worse than before. For example: applying a bandage to a fresh cut may relieve the bleeding, but it does not fix the cut or control any infections that will likely develop.

Corrective Care

This type of care goes one step beyond Relief Care by not only achieving pain relief, but - MORE IMPORTANTLY - fixing the areas of spinal weakness. Corrective Care involves a longer duration of treatment as the doctor specifically corrects the underlying cause of your pain. Using the bandage example again: clean the cut thoroughly, stitch the wound if necessary, and then apply the bandage.

Wellness Care

Wellness Care is also referred to as Maintenance Care. This is the type of care EVERYONE SHOULD CHOOSE! It provides pain relief, fixes the areas of spinal weakness, and ensures periodic checkups to address any problems before they cause pain or loss of function. Choose Wellness Care if you are truly committed to keeping your spine and nervous system both healthy and functional.

Products Available for Purchase

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements: These supplements are made from several whole food sources and are formulated to contain all the essential vitamins and nutrients we were intended to eat. They are different than typical synthetic vitamins, which are made with chemicals. Quality supplements are key to proper nutrition and health. Please see our Nutritional Counseling Page for more details!

Foot Levelers Custom-Made Orthotics: Take Advantage of a Free Foot Scan. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies, so if their structure is imbalanced, it will affect posture. The result is pain in the feet, back, knees, etc. By balancing your feet, the orthotics will help to reduce the pain as well as support your chiropractic adjustment.

ChiroFlow Waterbase Pillows: This customizable pillow allows you to choose the amount of water needed to provide YOUR level of comfort. It delivers stable support for the neck and head, reducing neck pain and headaches, in addition to improving quality of sleep.

CryoDerm Pain Relieving Products: Used for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain. It is a liquid gel that causes a cool sensation when applied to your skin. As the gel penetrates to the area of pain, it then creates a warm, soothing response.


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